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Starting, Charging and Electrical Items Explained
This page has basic information on how the automotive electrical system works and the main components required for a car to function normally. I hope you find some of this information enlightening. There are some pictures as well as a video explaining how things work.
Below is a rather simplified Image showing the basic parts of an Automotive Starting and Charging system. From the Battery, Ignition Switch, Fuses, Starter and Alternator and associated wiring.
Below you will find an Image Showing all the Electrical Items on Modern Automobile. As you can see there are many Items that used to be considered Luxury Items just as little as 20 years ago. All these things put a large demand on today's Batteries and Alternators just to keep everything working. If a battery get s low all kinds of strange things can begin to occur.
Picture of components in the starting and charging system of a car
Image Showing all the Electrical Items on Modern Automobile