Tom's Mobile Assistance
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Bronco Pull

Tom checking out the situation Tom getting into position to make the pull

The precariously perched bronco Happy to have thier Bronco back on level ground

Stuck Cherokee
Person stuck in snowbank high in the Rockies Tom with a helpful Tug to free him
Broken Generator
Working on a private generator at a remote home that was not running right As you can see the setting is beautiful, Home in background
Postal Repairs
Tom making sure the Postal vehicles are ready to roll So the mail gets delivered on time and in one piece
Pullin' Peter built to start
Tom pull starting a Perterbuilt whose starter motor failed at the local lumber yard, after disconecting his trailer all it took was a slight pull
Extracting an Audi
Tracks left from Audi that went off the road-note broken fence posts Tom unhooking Audi after extraction