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Heating and Cooling Systems
This page will show the importance of the cooling system to regulate the temperature of the engine but also to supply heat to the drivers compartment for our comfort and safety.
For instance if we did not have a defroster we would not be able to see to drive on cold or high humidity days, and we know what its like not to be able to see if you have ever driven into a fog bank.
The cooling system is a sealed system and should not loose fluid. On some engines even a small amount of fluid loss will result in overheating and warning lights will come on - STOP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE - to prevent engine damage! If you are loosing fluid it should be checked to find the source of the leak.
Antifreeze is also TOXIC, if even a small amount is ingested by pets or other animals it can be fatal by shutting done the renal system, they are attracted to it because it has a sweet taste.
Image of cooling system components
The Components of a Cooling System
  • The Radiator
  • Radiator Cooling Fans
  • Pressure Cap & Reserve Tank
  • Water Pump
  • Thermostat
  • Bypass System
  • Freeze Plugs
  • Head Gaskets & Intake Manifold Gaskets
  • Heater Core
  • Hoses
  • So if you feel you are having some type of Cooling System related issue, Call Tom's Mobile Assistance to take care of your problem in the Aspen, CO area. Call Tom at 970-923-6741