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Welcome to all of you taking time to visit this site, I am the sole operator of this Mobile Auto Repair business that has been going strong doing Car and Light Truck Repairs locally since 1983. I have been serving the locals and visitors of the Aspen Auto Repair Service area keeping vehicles of all sorts running well. Anything from Scooters to Snowmobiles, Tractors to Riding Lawn Mowers, to Light Trucks and R/V's. In recent years there has been a surge in NEV's (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles) and like a car, they also need periodic maintenance and repair. So if you need your Car Serviced, scooter get the picture, then I'm the man for you.

I work out of the Van you see pictured above (when you hover over TMA). It is a 1986 E-350 with a 460 ci 4 barrel. It has most of the creature comforts of a garage- compressed air, electricity, heat - just no hoist.

I specialize in Auto and Light Truck electrical work, from troubleshooting to repairs of all sorts, Starters and Alternators and Batteries. The list of repairs I can do is quite long, from Water pumps and Radiators and other Cooling System problems, Timing belt service, Brakes, Steering and Suspension, Tune up work and other necessary maintenance.

  • Car not starting - Call Tom - 970-923-6741
  • Check Engine Light on - Call Tom - 970-923-6741
  • Tire Flat - Call Tom - 970-923-6741
  • Need a Battery - Call Tom - 970-923-6741
  • Got yourself Stuck- Call Tom - 970-923-6741
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  • Mailing Address: 4074 Lowewr River rd., Snowmass, CO 81654