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Coverage Area

The Area I call HOME is the Aspen area. Aspen, Woody Creek and Snowmass Village and connecting valleys, are the most commonly traveled. I will travel down the Roaring Fork Valley as well as other valley locales. On occasion I have been called to extract vehicles in the local back country.

The more travel time and distance will be reflected in the cost. The more equipment work time will be reflected in the cost, Under certain circumstances there is much to be considered. Generally the cost of a service call will offset the cost of a tow to have a car repaired. In many situations the problems are minor and can be dealt with immediately.


Basic Service call fee is $ 75.00 for the local Aspen area. That would apply to such things as a Jump start or many other NO START conditions, or a flat tire change, or an overheating problem etc.... I do comp some time for minor diagnostics and repairs-i.e. checking belts, check battery connections and water level. Or Items related to the reason for the vehicle failure.

Diagnostic and repair labor time is at $ 130.00 per hour with a 1/2 hour minimum locally. Once it is determined what the problem is, I can then present an estimate to complete the repair-presuming it can be done on a mobile basis. (some repairs may be beyond my physical capabilities)